For the first time, wissner-bosserhoff held a series of lectures for its customers during the so called "Pflegetage" (nursing days), from September 19 to 21. Experts gave lectures on current topics from the area of nursing care at three attractive venues.

In the 'Germania an der Alster' rowing club in Hamburg, in the 'Biosphäre Potsdam' botanical garden and in the old town hall of Hannover, the Wickede-based company welcomed a large number of customers who were clearly thrilled by the new event concept.

Judge Dr. Sebastian Kirsch of the Werdenfelser Weg initiative spoke about aids used in nursing care and freedom-depriving measures, demonstrating the ambivalence of this issue. He used numerous practical examples and current court rulings to give his audience useful advice for their professional life.
The remarkable and passionate lecture that Christian Schultz, the managing director of the 'Diakonie Stiftung Salem' welfare foundation, held on the trend towards out-patient treatment also included many suggestions and ideas for an integrative approach that combines home care and assisted living concepts with the various forms of nursing care.

In light of recent developments, a lecture on the new German Act to Strengthen Long-Term Care couldn't be passed up. Both Michael Uhlig of the contec consulting company and attorney Danah Adolph from Berlin used this platform for presentations on the changes this new law will bring about.

Each of the events culminated n the address by a famous speaker. In Hamburg and Potsdam, the former Swiss FIFA referee Urs Meier let the participants in on the secrets of how to make decisions under pressure, something he embellished with countless and entertaining examples from his time in the job.
In Hannover, Germany's national handball coach Dagur Sigurdsson not only told everybody how to put together a team but also how to lead it to success.

"We are overjoyed that the first installment of the wissner-bosserhoff nursing days was met with such a positive response," says Sales Manager Ludger Severin after the event. "For us, the dialog with our customers and impulses from the market are not only important but a vital part of wissner-bosserhoff's success."

Here are some impressions from the three events:

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