A new decontamination center has recently opened in France. About 60% of the daily maximum capacity (about 230 units) of the equipment of the facility has already been covered by a contract with APHP (amalgamation of 50 university clinics in Paris). The remaining 40% is available to other customers.

The cells are decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide, which has already become known due to its use in the fight against the Ebola virus. This method is also more environmentally sound as the molecules of the hydrogen peroxide already disperse in the air after an hour. "For hygiene reasons, washing machines and dryers are located in a separate section of the facility. This guarantees that dirty products never mix with clean ones," says Miguel Aldegunde, person responsible for rentals at the LINET Group.

The machines permit the complete traceability of the process, which simplifies the monitoring of all parameters, such as temperature, loading volume, and dispensing of the detergent. The decontamination center works according to the RABC system (Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control), which stands for a series of strict standards for this type of system. RABC applies to both control processes and air and water quality.

The service of the new decontamination center is also available to other customers. "It was brought to life to meet the needs of APHP, but such an investment has to be covered to some extent by offering this equipment to other potential clinic and nursing home customers," Miguel Aldegunde says. "In all countries of Europe, the LINET Group has already established a business structure for rentals or is in the process of forming a structure. Every country thus has its own rental structure with corresponding employees. At present, the objective of the growth strategy in France is to assume at least the third position on the market in the next few years."

In addition to this new facility, the LINET Group is still operating two decontamination centers in Great Britain, one in the Netherlands, which also provides its services in Belgium, and two additional centers in France.

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