Pressure ulcers are a dangerous secondary medical complication on the one hand and lead to considerable costs during the hospital stay on the other. For this reason, health facilities are increasingly looking for ways to prevent decubitus ulcers effectively, for example, using suitable mattresses, among other methods.

The Air2Care products are primarily intended for patients and people needing care. An active mattress like Air2Care achieves its therapeutic effect due to a layer of air with alternating pressure.

In addition to this layer of air with alternating pressure, Air2Care has static cells in the head area, which provides increased comfort. In addition, the lateral cells give the patient stability and support, both when lying in the bed and when getting up. In addition, the mattress is equipped with a high-quality, flexible cover made of a waterproof, but water-steam-permeable material, which leads to and guarantees an optimum hygienic environment.

The use of the mattress system is intuitive and uncomplicated as the connection and disconnection of the compressor only takes seconds. To simplify the transport of patients while they are in bed, the system has a special transport mode that makes sure that the air pressure inside the system remains constant, even after it has been disconnected from the mains or compressor.

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