wissner-bosserhoff Nederland B.V., headquartered in Dordrecht, has laid the foundations for the strict and accurate compliance with hygiene standards for cleaning and reconditioning active mattresses. In addition to this high-tech center, the Dutch team has developed an effective service and logistics system that enables a smooth workflow from collecting the mattresses to documenting the hygiene maintenance service provided to the customer.

The contaminated mattresses are collected on-site at the institution and immediately assigned to the respective product with an individual bar code thanks to "track and trace" labeling. This also makes it possible to track the entire maintenance history of the mattress.

The customer can easily place the collection order online or by phoning the Dutch headquarters.

In the decontamination center, the mattress is dismantled into its individual components to completely ensure that all parts are hygienically treated. Covers, air cells, control units and compressors are carefully pre-cleaned manually. In the next step, the components are evaporated with silver ions in the H2O2 room (chem. hydrogen peroxide). Covers and textiles are additionally cleaned in a special washing machine. The result of this approximately one-hour long procedure are hygienically clean active mattresses which can be used in the institution without worry.

"We are very proud to be one of the first companies that can offer this service to our customers. Apart from the service we provide, we are convinced that our decontamination system makes a decisive contribution to complying with and enhancing the hygiene standards in hospitals and nursing institutions," explains Erkan Sahin, managing director of wissner-bosserhoff in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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