Just in time for the new fiscal year, wissner-bosserhoff has conducted the largest relaunch of their company website to date. When developing the new website, the main focus was to meet three key aims in the area of concept and design: information, innovation and interaction.

Informative structure – visitors to the site can easily switch to whatever subject matter they are interested in at any time and can easily switch back and forth between individual products and information content as desired. Other new features include a "bookmark" function and a clear summary of previously viewed products.

Innovative features – wissner-bosserhoff gives important innovative impetus across all areas of this industry, and the new website is no exception.
Our wide range of products, the large number of product varieties available and the technical features are presented in a modern, minimalistic, consolidated and exciting new web design solution.

Interactive design – the use of interactive contact forms and our social media channels establish direct connection between visitors to the site and the company.
The new web project also constituted another milestone in the close collaboration between wissner-bosserhoff and its partner company LINET, both of whom have been working together under the auspices of parent company LINET Group SE since 2011. LINET's website was developed at the same time in close collaboration. "The collaboration in this German-Czech web project is a successful example for how effectively synergies between the two companies can be used", says Uwe Deckert, Head of Marketing and Product Management who is in charge of the relaunch of www.wi-bo.de

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