Just over one year ago, wissner-bosserhoff presented the image 3 - a universal hospital bed with low position options. Now the company has gone one better: With the image 3-w, the innovative bed has a revolutionary new feature.

The “W” in the product name stands for “washable”; the new generation of beds has been especially developed for effective use in washing facilities and decontamination centers. Thanks to an intelligent product design, the hygiene requirements in hospital routines can in this way be sustainably improved and simplified. The clean design of the undercarriage and bed, which is free from troughs and dips, enables optimal drying following cleaning and disinfection. In addition, drainage holes prevent water from collecting. The patented design of the SafeFree® side guard concept provides an optimal drainage of liquids. The slats in the patient surface are completely waterproof and a relatively large gap between the slats prevents water from collecting on the patient surface.

The image 3-w therefore not only conforms to the requirements of the workgroup for bed frames and portable decontamination systems. In fact, the versatile hospital bed was put under an extensive series of tests in the Miele Professional Large chamber wash tunnels to demonstrate its ability. As part of a safe and verifiable process, the image 3-w underwent an intensive endurance test.

As a result, not only was the washing performance in the Miele system outstanding, but the water drainage and the subsequent availability of the hospital bed was deemed faultless.

As well as having an optimal washability, just as with the image 3, a great deal of focus is placed on aspects such as fall prevention and mobilization. Innovative successful solutions were adopted for the image 3-w. This includes the patented SafeFree side guards®, which have been tried and tested on over 200,000 hospital beds. The bed can be adjusted to four separate height options to provide safe and ergonomic patient mobilization. The lack of middle posts and a central gap protector enables unhindered access to the patient.

Equally proven is the implemented 3-stop strategy, with the height adjustable to 28 cm for a safe sleeping position, 42 cm for ergonomic bed egress at chair height and 80 cm as the optimum height for comfortable and back-saving nursing care. The automatic stop of 42 cm is particularly time-saving and ergonomic, not only providing safe patient mobilization, but also supporting predefined transport and washing positions of the bed logistics.

The central fifth transport wheel is particularly user-friendly and time-saving, which not only makes it significantly easier for a single person to maneuver beds in small patient rooms, but also means that transport between the ward and the operating room can be mastered seamlessly.

 The unique and tried and tested Ergoframe® patient surface with its double retraction goes well beyond the DBfK’s (German Nurses Association) backrest requirements. The space in the pelvic area is extended by 16 cm in total with the auto contour adjustment in order to minimize shearing and friction forces. At the same time, the auto contour function of the Ergoframe® patient surface eliminates the danger of the patient slipping down and therefore reduces the need for repositioning the patient.

In addition, the new edition to the image 3 series has a comfortable hotel design, which with its universal usability does more than just provide private rooms with ambience by promoting a healing environment.

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