eleganza 2 sets new standards when it comes to safety. The unique 4Safe concept with divided side guards offers protection without gaps and without the need for central gap protectors over the entire length of the patient surface. The integration of the Mobi-Lift® in the head end side guard is groundbreaking and absolutely innovative. 

It enables the patient to adjust the height while at the same time safely and ergonomically using the handles in the side guards, which were especially created for this. The design of the handrails and grip openings is based on ergonomic experience. In combination with the Mobi-Lift®, they are an invincible team for independent and safe patient mobilization. The 4Safe side guards are equipped with a soft drop technology, i. e. a special damping where the downward movement is slowed down. This way, unnecessary noise in the patient's room can be avoided when adjusting the side guards. With the help of the automatic 30° position on the supervisor panel, the backrest can automatically be adjusted to an angle of 30°, which significantly facilitates correct patient positioning in intensive care. The displaying of the angle takes place with an innovative in-house development, a protractor filled with liquid and background lighting. This tool, located at the exterior of the head end side guard, serves as indication of the Anti-Trendelenburg / Trendelenburg position and for orientation as an additional night light. A change in color in the background lighting of the protractor indicates if a change in position is necessary to reach the 30° position. The comprehensive control concept stands for easy handling and maximum functionality. The control elements range from the patient handset with illuminated display and integrated LED light to the supervisor panel and the optional foot controls for the nursing stuff to the control elements integrated in the side guards for combined use as well as the control satellite on a flexible swivel arm. The hospital bed eleganza 2 of course features the high-tech safety equipment of the LINET Group for in-bed monitoring: linis and vital monitor. With a special sensor system, linis enables the recording of different safety features such as bed exit monitoring, monitoring of the brakes, side guards and the low position. The vital monitor, on the other hand, monitors the patient's vitals. Both systems can signal critical conditions wirelessly to different peripheral devices such as TV, computer, iPad or phone. Additionally, for paperless documentation in the form of an electronic patient file, a connection and data transfer to different systems is possible. 

The eleganza 2 accessory concept is also very convincing. The newly designed top of the side guards serves as universal attachment possibility across the entire length for bed accessories and personal belongings of the patient. Thanks to a universal holder, the handset is always at hand for patient and nursing staff. Additionally, there is a practical bag for mobile phones or other personal belongings. The optional brake alarm avoids falls that can happen if a bed has not been returned to the braking position, e. g. after cleaning. Thanks to these versatile technical functionalities, eleganza 2 sets highest safety standards. The hospital bed also sets new standards with the effective patient mobilization and its easy handling to quickly carry out daily routine nursing tasks. Besides the numerous innovative functions, the smart design of the bed impresses with its clear, elegant lines.

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