The SafeSense range by wissner-bosserhoff constitutes a revolutionary bed exit solution which helps improve the safety level of nursing institutions day and night. Instrumental in its development was the achievement of the maximum possible safety level based on a detailed analysis of potential dangers. more

SafeSense is equipped with an automatic night light to light the patient's way to the bathroom at night, for example. The night light is automatically activated when the patient leaves the bed and is deactivated when the patient is back in the bed again. In addition, the intelligent bed exit system is equipped with a flexible nurse call timer, which can be set to alarm nursing staff at given intervals depending on the patient's individual mobility. The signal can be set from 0 seconds for vulnerable high-risk patients to up to 30 minutes for more mobile residents, who can go to the toilet during this time interval without having to alarm nursing staff.

Consistent implementation of the Werdenfelser care approach (Werdenfelser Weg)
When developing the SafeSense bed sensor system, the findings from and our experience with the "Werdenfels care approach" were factored in. The aim was to improve patient/resident safety and ensure greater nursing quality at no compromise to patients'/residents' freedom. In this context, SafeSense can make a valuable contribution to the reduction of freedom-depriving measures or resorting to legal orders for physical restraints. Ideally, the SafeSense bed exit system is used in combination with the low nursing beds from the sentida product range and the proprietary divided SafeFree® side guards that can be adjusted to four different height levels.

For night or weekend shifts in particular, where fewer nursing staff is on duty, SafeSense facilitates quick reaction to residents falling and, at the same time, reduces the consequential risk of falls.

Flexible use

The intelligent assistance system is available as an integrated solution for all current wissner-bosserhoff nursing beds or as a retrofit for older models. SafeSense is compatible with all standard customary nurse call systems. Two sensor mats that can be integrated into the seat section or the backrests as desired are available. They are easy to fit and can easily be moved between nursing beds. The bed exit sensor system SafeSense is available as a mains-connected or wireless version and can be integrated into the existing nursing routine without any complications.

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