The professional market launch of sentida 5 and 6 has received a special appreciation by winning the Health Media Award for the “best national innovation concept”. This year, the Health Media Award stands under the guidance of Daniel Bahr, German minister for health, and has been awarded once a year since 2008 for best performances in the area of health communication. 

 The communication campaign, which accompanied the introduction of the low nursing beds, completely convinced the high-profile jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Ihne. A total of 150 companies and service providers from the health sector competed in eight different categories.

The competition entry “low nursing beds sentida 5|6 – An integrative campaign which comprises nearly all channels” summarized all communication measures and milestones that were used for the market launch of sentida 5 and 6 graphically professional and clearly designed. This entailed print advertisements in technical journals, an online website campaign, nation-wide direct mailings with subsequent call center services, high-quality brochure material, newsletter articles, „classical“ press releases, articles in the customer magazine as well as an excellent placement at the Altenpflege trade show.

The wissner-bosserhoff marketing team is happy about the special appreciation of their work. “The Health Media Award in the category nursing and communication is the icing on the cake for a very successful communication campaign.  The measures have become a benchmark for all future market launches,“ says Uwe Deckert, Head of Marketing and Product Management.  On June 28, the award ceremony was held at the renowned “Hotel im Wasserturm” in Cologne, at which also well-known representatives of entertainment and media such as Fritz Pleitgen, former chairman of WDR (West German television channel), and the comedian Dr. Stratmann attended.

For more information about the award go to: http://www.healthmediaaward.com/ 

wissner-bosserhoff group| corporate structure

The wissner-bosserhoff group and the Linet group have been closely linked for more than twenty years now. The companies are managed by the LINET Group SE based in the Netherlands. Operational activity is conducted in more than 100 countries with over 800 employees in two subgroups, the wissner-bosserhoff group and the Linet group, with production facilities in Wickede and in Slaný near Prague as well as sales offices in Europe and the U.S.

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