Your benefits at a glance

Thermic™ technology actively improves bedsore prevention. Excess heat is distributed homogeneously throughout the entire patient surface, which considerably reduces humidity build-up. 
The upper layer of the mattress consists of visco-elastic foam. This contributes to bedsore prevention and ensures pleasant bedding comfort.
The reinforced edges on both long sides improve the fall prevention properties and make mobilization easier.

The transport handles on the mattress cover make it easier to handle and transport the mattress.
200 kg (lying down)

Technical features

Double-layer, with Thermic™ technology
Upper layer made of 5-cm, profiled visco-elastic foam, density 52 kg/m³
Lower layer made of 9-cm cold foam, density 50 kg/m³
Reinforced edges on both long sides
Complies with fire protection standard Crib 5
200 x 87 x 14 cm
200 x 90 x 14 cm
170 x 80 x 14 cm
200 x 100 x 14 cm
208 x 96 x 14 cm

Dark grey, bi-elastic, antimicrobial, concealed 360° zipper, 2 transport handles, complies with fire protection standard Crib 7
200 kg (lying down)
Nursing care for the elderly and acute patients, intensive care

The foam complies with Crib 5, the cover with Crib 7