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The CliniCare 100 HF hybrid mattress combines the characteristics of foam and active mattresses, thus achieving a greater clinical effect compared to standard foam mattresses while maintaining a high level of comfort.
When a compressor is connected, alternating mode can be activated to increase the clinical effect of pressure ulcer prevention.
The Microclimate Management feature actively supports pressure ulcer prevention by creating an optimal environment between the patient’s skin and the mattress. Moisture is eliminated as air circulates below the mattress cover and the patient’s skin is not weakened by a moist environment.

Technical features

  • Top - Dartex® material with 360° zip, water-resistant, vapor-permeable
  • Bottom – strong water-resistant PVC material, 4 handles
  • 2.5 kg compressor, 13 kg mattress

200 x 86 x 18 cm

200 x 90 x 18 cm

213 x 89 x 18 cm

217 x 89 x 18 cm

Pricing information

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