Your benefits at a glance

Top quality large castors, intuitive castors control, lightweight construction and a choice of steering elements that facilitate the rapid and safe transport during emergency situations.

All control elements, including the backrest handgrip, foot pedals and side rail releasing elements are intuitive and easy to find allowing for quick adjustments in critical situations.

The sturdy column construction and protective elements around the whole perimeter protect the stretcher from rough handling and damage.

The collapsible side rails provide safety for the patient and prevention from falls allowing for troublefree access to the patient in any situation.

The X-ray translucent mattress platform enables the in-bed X-ray examination or C-arm scanning.

The wide choice of accessories increase the added value of the stretcher and allows a variety of  emergency situations to be solved effectively.

The sprint stretcher allows customers to choose the mattress selection, accessories and optional features according to their ward needs.

Technical features

  • foot pedals
  • Single collapsible side rails
  • 2-section mattress platform
  • Non removable HPL covers
  • X-ray translucent
  • column construction
  • 4 castors 200 mm Tente Integral
  • central castor control adjustable from 4 points
  • 5th castor (O)

Outer dimensions

205 x 75.5 cm

Recommended mattress size

192 x 65 x 6 cm

Height adjustment

58.5 – 90.5 cm

Maximum backrest angle


Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position


Height of side rails (above mattress platform)

40 cm

Weight (basic equipment)

120 kg

Safe working load

230 kg

Height adjustment hydraulic pump
TR/ATR tilt adjustment hydraulic pump
Backrest adjustment gas spring

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Quality marks & Awards

ISO 9001